Thursday, May 15, 2008


Perfect princess I think you are made of stars so shining and bright. Worlds separate us right now, you are so far away... or perhaps you are right here in plain sight and I am the one who is so far away. However I am closing the distance. I am chasing doom every step I take, every twist, every turn... I am getting closer. My lungs are out of air and I have begun the long ascent back to the surface. If I plan this right not only will I break the surface but I might even fly. The quiet, murky solitude of the deeper then deep held me like a womb thru the cold winter but the sun is out and I must come back as all things do. As the flowers. As the birds. As does the rain. As do certain stars.

It’s a fine day
People open windows
They leave their houses
Just want a short walk
It’s a fine day