Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The works

" So where have you been? You haven't called or nothing. What's going on?"

" Nothing... or, er... everything... or I don't know. It's been weird."

" Weird how? Did you and her get back together?"

" It's funny, I swore we would. Either we would or I would drink myself to death. Neither happened. I have moved on. I have let go."

" Good or bad thing?"

" A good thing. Very good. I met someone you know. Well, actually, I've met two someone's and I can't decide whom I want to spend my time with. They are both amazing and smart and ... together... In fact that's where I was tonight, with K____."

" That is one of the girls?"

" Yes, she is one of the girls. And we're going out again on Thursday. Brilliant, beautiful girl. Maybe too brilliant and too beautiful for someone like me."

" Maybe she's thinking the exact same thing as you are."

" Maybe."

" So what's the game plan."

" I'm not forcing this. I'm letting the chips fall where they may."

" The chips fall where they may huh....? Well, if you walk away with greasy hands, don't wipe them on your new pants."